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So, I just bought Polystyle - "The Elegant, Intelligent Source Code Formatter" and for $30 it seems to handle the job of code formatting reasonably well. It comes as a Windows Explorer extension and command-line tool and reformats your badly formatted, unformatted and "crunched" code and makes it "pretty" per your preferences. It handles 15 languages, and my experience with the javascript formatter was positive enough for me to invest the money.

I downloaded the trial version to see how it would handle a "crunched" javascript file from a 3rd party vendor I needed to understand and debug. I found it helpful several times in several days and the fact that I could use it from my IDE (UEStudio) sold me on it's usefulness. There is some clunkiness to the "Polystyle Configuration Tool" and weaknesses in the command-line API, but regardless of how the code comes to me I'm able to see it formatted the way I want.

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