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wlv001 - LMBENCH Results
This is the fastest machine I've ever owned... L M B E N C H 3 . 0 S U M M A R Y --------------------...
Jan 2, 2011
8:45:00 AM
Welcome wlv001
Say hello to wlv001, my new Linux server. This machine is destined to be my front end Apache box. I have it up and running, but already there have been challenges... Here are the details on the hardware: ASUS RS100-E6/PI2 Intel® Xeon® ...
Dec 31, 2010
7:21:00 AM
I have been using NETGEAR's FVS336G as the gateway to my little sub-net for a couple of months now, and I must say that, thus far, I am thoroughly pleased. It is a rock solid piece of equipment with a great feature set, and I give it my nod of ...
Sep 12, 2008
11:30:50 PM