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Upgrade QNAP ContainerStation Gitlab
I finally figured out how to upgrade a Gitlab Docker container in QNAP's Container Station on my TS-453 Pro. Based on this post on QNAP's forum I was able to upgrade Gitlab from 8.9.6-1 to 11.4.5... Edit the docker-compose.yml file for Gitlab... vi ...
Nov 19, 2018
4:46:01 AM
Taming VirtualBox with VBoxHeadless and VBoxManage
First off, allow me to say, I have really come to appreciate Sun's VirtualBox. it really is the easiest open-source, cross-OS virtualization product I have found. I really hope Oracle keeps it rolling! One of my favorite features of VirtualBox is ...
May 31, 2009
7:26:00 PM
Amazon Web Services (EC2 & S3)
Let me
Oct 1, 2008
7:04:54 AM