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A Tiny Scrap of JavaScript
Fifteen years ago, when "Web 2.0" was a thing, Ben Nolan's Behaviour.js enlightened me to the virtues of declarative programming. Developing for a web-browser really lends itself to this approach. Using "sheets" to target particular ...
Aug 10, 2021
6:28:43 AM
Using NodeJS to Build a Firefox XPI (Zip) File
I have been a long time JavaScript programmer, but of course this is mainly for development of client-side code running in a web-browser. Node.js, the server-side JavaScript engine, has been around for a few years now, but I have only had limited ...
Dec 22, 2015
12:02:35 AM
MarkLogic XQuery MultiUpload
Some jQuery and XQuery code to load content into a MarkLogic database: 'form#uploadForm': function(idx, elm) { var form = $(elm) form.submit(function...
Oct 26, 2013
2:20:00 PM
HTML5 WebSocket w/ Relative URL
I have been toying with the new WebSocket APIs in HTML5. This is a fantastic feature of the latest generation web standards that gives developers the ability to do two-way, streaming network communication directly in the web-browser from JavaScript. ...
Mar 3, 2013
1:32:00 PM