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MarkLogic XQuery MultiUpload

Some jQuery and XQuery code to load content into a MarkLogic database:

'form#uploadForm': function(idx, elm) {
    var form = $(elm)
    form.submit(function(evt) {
        rn_util.log('SUBMITTED: ', form);
            url: 'spike/uploadController.xqy',
            type: 'POST',
            data: new FormData(elm),
            cache: false,
            contentType: false,
            processData: false,
            beforeSend: function(jqXHR, settings) {
                rn_util.log('beforeSend', jqXHR.upload);
            success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR) {
                rn_util.log('POST COMPLETED: ', textStatus, '; ', jqXHR);
xquery version "1.0-ml";

declare namespace zip = "xdmp:zip";
declare namespace aib = "co.wlv.xml.aib";


for $headerName as xs:string in xdmp:get-request-header-names()
    xdmp:log(concat("HEADERNAME: ", $headerName, " = ", xdmp:get-request-header($headerName))),
for $fieldName as xs:string in xdmp:get-request-field-names()
    xdmp:log(concat("FIELDNAME: ", $fieldName)),
for $inputFile as xs:string in xdmp:get-request-field-filename("inputFiles")
return xdmp:log(concat("FILENAME: ", $inputFile)),

let $fileNames as xs:string* := xdmp:get-request-field-filename("inputFiles"),
    $inventory as element(aib:inventory) := doc("/packages/inventory.xml")/aib:inventory
for $inputFile as item() at $i in xdmp:get-request-field("inputFiles")
let $fileName as xs:string := $fileNames[$i],
    $packageUri as xs:anyURI := xs:anyURI(concat("/packages/package-", xdmp:random())),
    $zipManifest as node() := xdmp:zip-manifest($inputFile)
return (
    xdmp:log(concat("FILE: ", $fileName, ";&#10;", xdmp:quote($zipManifest), "&#10;COUNT: ", count($zipManifest/zip:part))),
    xdmp:node-insert-child($inventory, element {QName("co.wlv.xml.aib", "package")} {
        attribute uri {$packageUri},
        attribute name {$fileName},
        attribute added {current-dateTime()},
        for $part as element(zip:part) in $zipManifest/zip:part
        let $file as node()+ := xdmp:zip-get($inputFile, string($part)),
            $XXX := xdmp:log(xs:anyURI(concat($packageUri, "/", replace(string($part), "\\", "/")))),
            $fileUri as xs:anyURI := xs:anyURI(concat($packageUri, "/", replace(string($part), "\\", "/")))
        return (
            xdmp:log(concat("PART: ", string($part), "; COUNT: ", count($file))),
            xdmp:document-insert($fileUri, $file[1]),
            element {QName("co.wlv.xml.aib", "file")} {
                attribute uri {$fileUri},
                attribute size {$part/@uncompressed-size},
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