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Python - CSV to sqllite
Nice Python CSV to sqlite conversion... # toSqlite.py - Imports humod06.txt to sqlite. import csv import sqlite3 conn = sqlite3.connect('hum...
Apr 2, 2010
6:55:19 AM
Python - CSV to XML
# toXml.py - Imports humod06.txt to XML. import csv from xml.dom.minidom import parseString doc = parseString('skill_d...
Apr 2, 2010
6:49:00 AM
MD5 Hash in Python 3000
I normally use Python to quickly calculate MD5 hashes, so you can imagine my surprise when after typing 'import md5' Python returned 'ImportError: No module named md5'. It turns out that Python 3000 has decommissioned the md5 library in favor of hashlib, ...
Feb 2, 2009
10:40:30 PM