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SVN - parse tlsext Work-Around

UPDATE  (Apr 2, 2010):  Version 2.2.15 does seem to have fixed this issue - I'd recommend upgrading if possible.

It took me so long to find the solution to this problem that I just had to share...  Ever since last August, after upgrading Apache HTTPD from version 2.2.11 to version 2.2.13 I have had a nagging issue with my Subversion server and "parse tlsext" errors during large commits and other SVN operations (it seems I skipped version 2.2.12 for no apparent reason, but that version had the problem too).

SSL negotiation failed: SSL error: parse tlsext

According to comments on this page, "This issue is most propably because of using multiple SSL enabled VirtualHosts in Apache httpd 2.2.12 - 2.2.14 and OpenSSL 0.9.8f - 0.9.8l".  They do link to a mod_ssl patch which they claim works.  I did not try the patch myself, though - my SVN server is on Windows and I am not about to start building Apache on Windows, I will wait for the binaries to come!  The patch is from November, so hopefully it will make its way into 2.2.15, whenever it is released.

Work Around:
After a bit of Googling I found several forum/mailing-list posts which pointed to disabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions by adding the following to the VirtualHost entry in httpd-ssl.conf file

SSLProtocol -ALL +SSLv3

The critical part I had been missing was that this needs to be added to EACH VirtualHost using SSL on the same port.  Since I have multiple named VirtualHosts running on port 443, even though I had disabled TLS for the affected VirtualHost, TLS was still enabled on the port.  Once I applied this to all VirtualHosts on port 443 everything worked as it should.

Hope it helps someone...

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Re: SVN - parse tlsext Work-Around

I'm not sure how I feel about disabling TLS, but this solved the problem on my Arch server with openssl 1.0.0c. Thanks for posting this.

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