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Just to give a heads up, it appears there is a rampant computer virus going around.  So far my email server has received 3 infected emails today (8/18/2009) addressed to 3 different email addresses.  Each of the emails contained .zip attachments that were identified by AVG as being infected by "Trojan horse Injector.FG".  Email purporting to be from UPS and DHL, containing .zip attachments should not be trusted!

Some more info can be found http://www.kenkai.com/seo-blog-article-203.htm and http://www.kenkai.com/seo-blog-article-207.htm.

Email Text:

Dear customer!

Unfortunately we failed to deliver the package which was sent on the 5th of June in time because the addressee's address is erroneous. Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.

Your United Parcel Service of America

My email server has received 3 infected emails today (8/18/2009) addressed to 3 different people:

From: "Clinton Rollins"
Subject: UPS Tracking Number W2G9838
File: UPSNR_45c9df57.zip

From: "Larry Coon"
Subject: UPS Tracking Number G6IBR4I
File: UPSNR_eb10f759.zip

From: "Tod Hoffman"
Subject: UPS Tracking Number I3UZ6CC
File: UPSNR_37701591.zip

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