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AJAX Library CDNs

What is an AJAX Library CDN?
The concept of an AJAX Library CDN is that of simply utilizing a shared CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver common JavaScript components to many websites.  By sharing these resources from a common CDN each individual website no longer has the burden of serving the content and gains the geographical advantages inherent to a CDN.  Additionally, the client web browser (using normal caching settings) benefits by only needing to download the content once, any sites referring to the common content would use the cached copy.  In the end that means faster loading websites for everyone...

Google's Take...
For some time now I have been using the Google AJAX Libraries API to serve prototype.js and scriptaculous.js for my blog as a means of reducing bandwidth over my connection.  I imagine it also helps to make the site faster.  Client's may already have cached copies of the files from Google, so there would be no reason to download it from my server.  In far off lands Google has the added bonus of being able to serve this stuff from local machines.  This service has also been extremely helpful for development purposes, as I no longer need to copy these files into each webapp I work on.

Microsoft Limps in...

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