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JAXP Packages (Java 17)
javax.xml javax.xml.catalog javax.xml.datatype javax.xml.namespace javax.xml.parsers javax.xml.stream javax.xml.stream.eve...
Jan 7, 2022
10:32:00 AM
A Tiny Scrap of JavaScript
Fifteen years ago, when "Web 2.0" was a thing, Ben Nolan's Behaviour.js enlightened me to the virtues of declarative programming. Developing for a web-browser really lends itself to this approach. Using "sheets" to target particular ...
Aug 10, 2021
6:28:43 AM
Using NodeJS to Build a Firefox XPI (Zip) File
I have been a long time JavaScript programmer, but of course this is mainly for development of client-side code running in a web-browser. Node.js, the server-side JavaScript engine, has been around for a few years now, but I have only had limited ...
Dec 22, 2015
12:02:35 AM
Subclipse 1.10 + Maven (M2E)
I had a tricky time getting the Eclipse Maven tool (m2e) to work in Eclipse Luna with the latest version of Subclipse 1.10.6. It turns out that the Maven SCM Handler for Subclipse (m2e-subclipse) linked to in the Luna Marketplace on the Sonatype site is ...
Nov 12, 2014
9:13:00 AM
JAXP Packages
javax.xml javax.xml.datatype javax.xml.namespace javax.xml.parsers javax.xml.stream javax.xml.stream.eve...
Aug 18, 2014
6:27:00 PM
JAXP Document Validation
Here's a nice class to validate XML Documents in Java: package co.wlv.xml.validatio...
Aug 19, 2013
11:37:10 PM
HTML5 WebSocket w/ Relative URL
I have been toying with the new WebSocket APIs in HTML5. This is a fantastic feature of the latest generation web standards that gives developers the ability to do two-way, streaming network communication directly in the web-browser from JavaScript. ...
Mar 3, 2013
1:32:00 PM
Fixing Eclipse Tomcat WTP Startup Issues
The Eclipse WTP tools seem to have problems when the JDK in use changes. There does not appear to be any UI feature that allows a user to tell the WTP server which JDK to use, causing it to fail to start with various error messages. Thankful to this blog ...
Feb 18, 2012
12:26:17 PM
Eclipse Plugin Update Sites
Every time I setup a new Eclipse instance, I have gone through the process of visiting the various web sites of the plugins Iuse to find the update URLs to install them. Generally this is an infrequent pain, but today, while troubleshooting some ...
Oct 22, 2011
7:03:00 PM
OpenSSL Quick Guide
Every year, when my websites' SSLcertificates expire I have to relearn how to generate them all over again. It's not that I forget the concepts, but I can never remember the exact syntax of the commands. This guide expects that you have OpenSSLinstalled ...
Jul 8, 2011
11:51:00 PM
Python - CSV to sqllite
Nice Python CSV to sqlite conversion... # toSqlite.py - Imports humod06.txt to sqlite. import csv import sqlite3 conn = sqlite3.connect('hum...
Apr 2, 2010
6:55:19 AM
Python - CSV to XML
# toXml.py - Imports humod06.txt to XML. import csv from xml.dom.minidom import parseString doc = parseString('skill_d...
Apr 2, 2010
6:49:00 AM
Developer's Tool-chest
Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions from fellow developers about the various tools I use in the course of writing and maintaining software. Throughout the years I've tried a lot of software, liked a lot of software, hated a lot of software, and ...
Jan 3, 2010
7:58:00 AM
AJAX Library CDNs
What is an AJAX Library CDN? The concept of an AJAX Library CDN is that of simply utilizing a shared CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver common JavaScript components to many websites. By sharing these resources from a common CDN each individual ...
Oct 4, 2009
11:58:45 AM
MD5 Hash in Python 3000
I normally use Python to quickly calculate MD5 hashes, so you can imagine my surprise when after typing 'import md5' Python returned 'ImportError: No module named md5'. It turns out that Python 3000 has decommissioned the md5 library in favor of hashlib, ...
Feb 2, 2009
10:40:30 PM
Wyatt's Blog is now using SyntaxHighligher from Google Code var thing = document.createEleme...
Sep 7, 2008
10:37:00 PM